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AI lends a hand in IceWarp
Tapping on ChatGPT, the embedded AI buddy features in the latest IceWarp release magically assist you with responding to emails, getting your message across, translation, document authoring and more. And this is just the beginning of our AI journey with more features and integrations in the works.
AI Use Scenarios
Look for the AI buddy icon to reveal specific actions across the IceWarp interface/apps:
Suggest a reply
When you’re responding to a long email, ChatGPT can draft a reply based on the entire email thread, so you don’t miss any important points. And because your entire ChatGPT prompt history is retained, you can always follow up on where you left off with the chatbot.
Make yourself abundantly clear
To make sure your emails, TeamChat posts and chats get your thoughts across succinctly, the embedded ChatGPT shortcuts allow you to change tone, improve styling, make your writing shorter or longer, and even chop it up into bullet points.
Make a quick overview
To help you quickly get the gist of a long email, ChatGPT can make its brief overview, highlighting key points and enabling you to quickly action on them.
No need to copy and paste your foreign language emails into stand-alone translation services, this feature seamlessly translates any of up to 100 languages on the spot.
Persistent AI chat history
Your entire ChatGPT prompt history is saved. So when you receive a reply to your AI-assisted email, the chatbot is able to follow up on your preceding ChatGPT conversation tied to the email thread.

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