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Desktop Suite

Skyrocket your office work effectivity with Desktop Client and Desktop Office documents on Windows as well as Linux devices. Get the complete Suite, or choose only the app you need.<br />

Requirements: Windows 10 or newer

Desktop Client

A powerful fusion of email, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, private chat and conferences. All integrated in a single interface complete with fast full-text search, email encryption with PGP support, interactive messaging history or dark mode.

Quick text

Predefine snippets of text that you can quickly insert into message content.

Mail translation

Let in-app email translation translate text from different languages.


Pin frequently used items and save time repeatedly searching for them.


Quickly access calendar, notes, attachments or chat without loosing focus.

The ultimate zero-inbox tool. Defer your emails to the right time to act on them. And focus only on what needs your immediate attention.

Conference integration in the Calendar

Plan your online meetings directly from the Calendar. Desktop Client creates a unique conference URL and sends out invites.

Threaded conversations

Don’t get lost in the flow of conversation with straightforward threaded view.

Desktop Office

Create and edit documents right from your desktop on Windows. The Documents seamlessly work with native Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint file formats.


IceWarp Desktop Documents brings all the important features like live font preview, two-column layout, intelligent printing jobs, spell-checker, equation editor, review mode and many other useful tools.

Navigation Panel

Find everything in an easy-to-use navigation panel.


Work with most popular formats.


Insert a complex graphical object into your text.

Integration with Other Products

Include parts of presentations or spreadsheets.


Table processor for Windows. Full support for formulas, filters, diagrams, searching through large data files, conditional formatting, PDF export and many other popular features.

Data Organization

Organize data into orderly spreadsheets and charts.

Formula and Calculation

Make batch calculations without a calculator.

Easy and effective comparisons

Analyze large amounts of data.

Powerful analysis

Filter, sort and search important data.


An ideal tool for creating and editing presentations with support for templates, styles, and a variety of effects. Includes export to PDF and support for Powerpoint format.

Quick and Easy

Intuitive interface for the efficiently creating new presentations or modifying existing ones.

Simple Bullet Points

Reduce text to a simple bullet point.

Standard Templates

Create colorful and attractive designs.

Integration with Other Products

Include parts of documents or spreadsheets.

Desktop Suite

A powerful fusion of email, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, private chat and conferences.

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